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The Most Popular Dissertation Topics In Media And Communication

Any student studying media and communication has a lot of options to research on. The creativity and innovativeness of the learner is however needed in order to present logical arguments on dissertations done in this field. Media and communication involves a lot of issues both directly and in other pertinent matters that stem out of it. Therefore, students are expected to dig deeper and see what media is all about and its effects in the society at large. If you are looking for help on media and communication study topics, here are some of the most popular areas to study about (in case you don’t want to pay for dissertation).

  1. What is the role of media in shaping communities today?
  2. How does media and communication help in marketing?
  3. How does the media influence people’s perceptions about life?
  4. How has media and communication been impacted by technology
  5. In what ways have media and communication tools promoted learning among children?
  6. Discuss media and the society
  7. Is the media a tool of education for the masses on political matters? Discuss
  8. Discuss the impact of reality TV shows and their influence on child development
  9. What ethical issues have been of concern in the media and communication industry?
  10. Study about media use and its effects
  11. What role has the media played in the influence of cultures and customs
  12. Discuss issues that conflict between Media and religion
  13. Is the media a tool for democracy and freedom of expression?

Basically, this is a non-exhaustive list of issues to study in media and communication. They revolve around different aspects of media and its role in advancing the welfare of our communities. In a real sense, media plays a big role in defining the environment in which we live. It influences the life and development patterns of children. It comes in different forms and each form has its own impact on the growth and development of a sound society.

Over the years, the media and communication industry has been found to advance certain aspects of life. There has been a feeling that the media has had both positive and negative influences in the society today. Some of these effects touch on the growth and development of children and their learning, impact on teens and influence of cultures. All these are different aspects that revolve around the field of media and communication. You can get started with your writing after making a deep research in this area.