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How To Create A Relevant Urban Design Dissertation

Composing an urban design dissertation can be a tough cookie to crack; there are many topics to choose from and it requires a significant amount of technical expertise in the subject to succeed. However, if you chose the most relevant topic and thereby create a relevant paper, you will be more likely to experience success in your paper. This article will deal with steps you can take to create a good paper on urban design.


The first step in choosing a good and relevant topic is to scour through your lecture notes. This will provide you with a good re-jog of your memory and you can analyze the parts of the course you most enjoyed. As you do this, note down the topics that you really enjoyed learning about.

Once you have done this, take this list of topics to your professor and ask them about the latest developments in them. This will provide you with a good insight into the topics that have had the most research invested into them. It is a good idea to choose a topic that is currently in the news, as you will have more resources to research about it.

Once you have decided which topic you will be writing about, you need to narrow down the scope of your topic. Dissertations are usually produced on a narrow topic, as opposed to a broad one. Try to single out something precise. For example, if you are looking to write about the role of technology in how a city works, single out a city and write your paper based on that city i.e. ‘the role of technology in how New York City functions’.

Like this, you will be able to create a relevant urban design paper that will bring you much success.


You need to conduct thorough and relevant research to achieve success in your thesis. You will need to utilize many different resources to achieve this. The best resource is your university’s library, as they will host many books on the topic you are writing about. Online sources are also extremely useful, and try to find news articles related to the topic you are writing about, as it will expand your knowledge greatly.

As you can see, much research goes into creating a relevant urban design dissertation, but following our tips, you should be able to compose an excellent paper that greatly impresses your supervisor.