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A List Of Great PhD Thesis Topics In Commerce

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You probably don’t need to be reminded that writing a great PhD thesis is a must if you want to achieve the highest credit when earning your doctoral degree. The project itself is a culmination of years’ worth of hard work characterized by sleepless nights hours spent in deep research and a tendency to question why you even got started working towards a PhD in the first place. But now that you are in the final stretch you should set all of these distractions aside and increase the effort-level. Here are some really good PhD thesis topics, brought to you by writers from Assignment Geek :

  1. What effects have social media sites had in the way commerce operates? Do you think businesses have prepared adequately to handle social media marketing and the way consumers make purchases?
  2. What are the most effective forms of new marketing that commerce has specifically adopted? Are traditional ways of marketing (print or television) nearly as effective as they were two decades ago?
  3. What are the newest and most engaging trends in how commerce interacts with society? For instance, are companies effectively involving communities in the decisions it makes regarding trade?
  4. How is the job market affected by technological advancement and how will this play a role in commercial policy? Will this affect the cost of staple goods positively or negatively, and should local governments step in?
  5. Are companies that offer consumer staple goods such as bread, milk, sugar, etc. in trouble because of the global economy? Are certain regions more affected than others and what other factors are there?
  6. Which political decisions in the upcoming U.S. election will have the greatest long-term effect on international commerce? Consider each of the major party’s candidates’ stances on trade with foreign nations?
  7. What is the purpose of international subsidies in commerce as it relates to the current food market? Do you believe subsidies favor one side of the trade more than it does the other or is there equilibrium?
  8. What are the most influential factors in policy change as it relates to commerce? Consider how these factors are different in different countries and how a domestic policy must account for international ones.
  9. In what ways do international government policies affect local commerce? How does technology factor into the way local commerce thrives or struggles as a result of government policies made at the federal level?

A List Of MBA Dissertation Topics For Finance Students

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As a finance student working towards an MBA, you are probably already aware of having to write a dissertation before earning your degree. It’s important your MBA dissertation is original, interesting and manageable. If you can’t come up with your own ideas you might find the list of topics helpful:

  1. Discuss the role of micro-finance in the banking industry in the United Kingdom. As the United Kingdom moves towards exiting the European Union, how important is micro-financing in keeping small to mid-size business solvent?
  2. What are the biggest reasons for the rapid development of international micro-finance? What does micro-financing mean for larger firms that have thrived on name recognition and mass production?
  3. Provide a strategic analysis for the large scale demand of collective investment plans in the United States? What role do they have in commerce and trade going heading towards the middle part of the 21st century?
  4. How important is access to finance and credit services to the successful growth of small businesses? Why do these services pull back their lending practices during times of recession when small businesses need them the most?
  5. How important is partnership between the private and public sectors? Should private sectors aim to work closer to public ones as a means of finding additional contracting for procurement services?
  6. Discuss the availability of financial services to people from low socio-economic communities? What kind of risks do these services take on when they invest in small business located in low socio-economic communities?
  7. As an international shipping hub, how important is finance for the ship-building industry in Singapore? Should other countries begin to invest more money into this industry as the country continues to develop and grow?
  8. For investment purposes, what are the standards for determining risk in small to mid-size businesses? Consider the ways these smaller business are usually limited in the resources they have to hire employees, expand, and market competitively.
  9. What are the most important political risks faced by international banks in their cross-border

  10. operations? Could they face stricter governmental sanctions if the primary reason to deal internationally is for profit?
  11. What role does the World Trade Organization (WTO) have in advancing the interests of developed nations and not the underdeveloped nations it claims are a priority? Make the case using two specific countries (one developed and one underdeveloped).

How To Create A Relevant Urban Design Dissertation

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Composing an urban design dissertation can be a tough cookie to crack; there are many topics to choose from and it requires a significant amount of technical expertise in the subject to succeed. However, if you chose the most relevant topic and thereby create a relevant paper, you will be more likely to experience success in your paper. This article will deal with steps you can take to create a good paper on urban design.


The first step in choosing a good and relevant topic is to scour through your lecture notes. This will provide you with a good re-jog of your memory and you can analyze the parts of the course you most enjoyed. As you do this, note down the topics that you really enjoyed learning about.

Once you have done this, take this list of topics to your professor and ask them about the latest developments in them. This will provide you with a good insight into the topics that have had the most research invested into them. It is a good idea to choose a topic that is currently in the news, as you will have more resources to research about it.

Once you have decided which topic you will be writing about, you need to narrow down the scope of your topic. Dissertations are usually produced on a narrow topic, as opposed to a broad one. Try to single out something precise. For example, if you are looking to write about the role of technology in how a city works, single out a city and write your paper based on that city i.e. ‘the role of technology in how New York City functions’.

Like this, you will be able to create a relevant urban design paper that will bring you much success.


You need to conduct thorough and relevant research to achieve success in your thesis. You will need to utilize many different resources to achieve this. The best resource is your university’s library, as they will host many books on the topic you are writing about. Online sources are also extremely useful, and try to find news articles related to the topic you are writing about, as it will expand your knowledge greatly.

As you can see, much research goes into creating a relevant urban design dissertation, but following our tips, you should be able to compose an excellent paper that greatly impresses your supervisor.

A Winning Guide To Dissertation Proposal Preparation

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A proposal is basically a rough draft of the dissertation that includes everything from the basic framework to the final conclusion. It is the first phase of your paper writing where you actually craft the overall synthesis of your paper. The proposal is the first information paper that gives your tutor about the overall preview of what you are going to frame in your paper.

A research paper proposal is basically a demo paper that you present to your tutor for approval. It highlights, in brief, the complete summary in which your paper will be modulated so that your tutor can know the details and way in which you are proceeding towards research and work. A proposal is a time-consuming work but it saves a lot of time when you finally write your paper, as you don’t have to do numerous rejection in between writing. This article by agency will give you a winning guide on various parts to write your dissertation proposal.

  • Problem Statement
  • The first thing that is important in writing a research paper proposal is formulating the questions. When you have formulated the paper for your research next you have to restate them to form the statement mentioning the consequences and arguments. Your study will determine the formulation and the disputes or unclear things if any.

  • Abstract
  • It is a short summary of the overall paper. An abstract basically defines the main aspects of your paper in a short paragraph that defines the impact and extract of your complete research in short. Your proposal consists of a rough draft of abstract for evaluation.

  • Introduction
  • The introduction is the first paragraph of a research paper. It is basically the information about the topic and reasons why you choose that particular topic. When you are writing a proposal introduction that points you need to mention it includes the areas of research, the framework and the reason behind the choice of topic. In this paragraph, you have to propose the sources and methods that you are going to use for the completing your study about the topic.

  • Assumptions and scope
  • As you are drafting a proposal you might not know the exact result about everything including the untested situation to basic values and experimental outputs. Hence, you have to make certain assumptions before the actual implementation and this assumption you have to mention in this paragraph with the future scope of your paper.

A Handful Of Good Ideas For An Art History Dissertation Writing

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Many art students are tasked with composing dissertation writing focusing on art history. When composing a paper on art history, it is recommended that you focus on the period before modern art, which is taken to have begun from around 1850 to the current time. As such, your writing will be focusing on a wide range of eras within art, going back to the time of antiquity. Our handful of great ideas to use for your paper will greatly help in suppressing this lengthy period so that you can easily write about a host of different topics.


Before you begin writing, it is generally a really good idea to visit your local art museum. This will give you a real perspective on the type of art produced before the modern era. It is also will give you a real life view of the art in front you so you can better analyze it.

It is best to check online to see which art museums in your local area will be representing classical art; you do not want to go to a modern art exhibition, as interesting as it may be, it will not help you with your thesis!


The following are some great topics to compose an art history thesis on:

  • Alchemy in art throughout history
  • Lute iconography throughout art in history
  • Sibyls in art throughout history
  • Japanese art and its influence on Western art
  • African art history
  • Indian art and its impact on religion in India
  • Islamic art and its impact on architecture
  • The symmetry and pattern in Oriental art
  • Art from the Mediterranean basin
  • Early Renaissance paintings

There are many elements to analyze of art, which we are sure you have been taught during class, but it is good to have a jog of the memory in regards to this. Once you have chosen the art to analyze, the bulk of your analysis will be on the formal elements of the art. This includes things such as: link, form, color, texture, space, unity balance and focal areas. Analyzing these areas of the art will gain you a high mark in your dissertation.

As you can see, it can be a little tough to choose an adequate topic to write about in your dissertation. However, if you conduct diligent research and know the main elements to analyze, as detailed in this guide, then you will be easily able to attain high marks.

Where To Go Looking For A Proofread Dissertation Appendix Sample

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There is a lot happening today in the world of learning. Technology has been very useful in expanding the extent to which students can go during their learning process. For instance, many students are now looking up to online platforms to learn more and get assistance with their academic writing. Help comes in different packages and this includes editing and proofreading of already written papers. Do you need help with your dissertation? Well, there is a lot of help that you could access from an online source. Here are characteristics of places where you could get a proofread dissertation appendix sample:-

  1. Look for professionalism: the service provider must engage you professionally. It is important for the service to take keen consideration on your needs and requirements for the paper before providing your much needed sample. Find time and ask questions concerning the level of writing you expect. Make sure that the writers you engage are highly qualified. Don’t let your paper be written by an amateur writer.
  2. Quality of samples available online: by just reading what has already been posted on a website, you can tell whether this is the kind of help you need or not. In that case, spare some time and read through the samples. Gauge the quality by checking for grammar, typos and good flow. The writing should be clear and coherent, listing ideas in a manner that can be understood with ease.
  3. What have people said about the places you consider being of help you in your dissertation? Online reviews and customer feedbacks go a long way into giving you the kind of insight you need to move on to get academic help and assistance. Are you serious about getting help from professionals? Look at the reputation of each and every site that appears in your search results. If people have had good experience, it is most certain that yours too will be a great one.
  4. Look for expertise in your area. There are people out there who can do almost everything. However, it is very important for you to work with someone who is committed to deliver in your specific area of study. Narrow down to people who have dedicated all their lives into writing on topics covered under your subject. This will give you an easy time making them understand what you need.

There is help for students like you online. It doesn’t get better than finding the right assistance in your field of study.

The Most Popular Dissertation Topics In Media And Communication

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Any student studying media and communication has a lot of options to research on. The creativity and innovativeness of the learner is however needed in order to present logical arguments on dissertations done in this field. Media and communication involves a lot of issues both directly and in other pertinent matters that stem out of it. Therefore, students are expected to dig deeper and see what media is all about and its effects in the society at large. If you are looking for help on media and communication study topics, here are some of the most popular areas to study about (in case you don’t want to pay for dissertation).

  1. What is the role of media in shaping communities today?
  2. How does media and communication help in marketing?
  3. How does the media influence people’s perceptions about life?
  4. How has media and communication been impacted by technology
  5. In what ways have media and communication tools promoted learning among children?
  6. Discuss media and the society
  7. Is the media a tool of education for the masses on political matters? Discuss
  8. Discuss the impact of reality TV shows and their influence on child development
  9. What ethical issues have been of concern in the media and communication industry?
  10. Study about media use and its effects
  11. What role has the media played in the influence of cultures and customs
  12. Discuss issues that conflict between Media and religion
  13. Is the media a tool for democracy and freedom of expression?

Basically, this is a non-exhaustive list of issues to study in media and communication. They revolve around different aspects of media and its role in advancing the welfare of our communities. In a real sense, media plays a big role in defining the environment in which we live. It influences the life and development patterns of children. It comes in different forms and each form has its own impact on the growth and development of a sound society.

Over the years, the media and communication industry has been found to advance certain aspects of life. There has been a feeling that the media has had both positive and negative influences in the society today. Some of these effects touch on the growth and development of children and their learning, impact on teens and influence of cultures. All these are different aspects that revolve around the field of media and communication. You can get started with your writing after making a deep research in this area.

Best Sources For Graduates To Find Sample Dissertations In Education

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Missing direction in getting samples:

Those who are pursuing graduation and are asked to write a flawless piece of thesis in Education sometimes are left with no rays of hope when not directed properly. In such cases there is nothing to worry as adequate information regarding the relevant sources can assist the students in getting marvelous samples. These samples offer a brilliant clue in writing a marvelous piece of writing.

Check out the sources where samples in Education can be found:

  • Library: Library is the best place to find any content regarding the subject matter. You have a huge option in libraries. For getting samples in Education, you may visit your school or college library. You may also pay a visit to your neighborhood libraries. Furthermore online library also offers unlimited samples. By submitting the name of the author, publication number, year and the name of the book, you can get the desired piece of writing.
  • Internet: Many students get their articles published online. If you have no idea as in how to find them, you can search their samples by employing a little extra efforts and surfing through the search engines. Furthermore, there are many websites that offer dissertation samples subject-wise or topic-wise. For more information, you can contact your seniors or scholarly students. Your professors may also assist you greatly in this context.
  • Online Professional Writing Agencies: Professional writing agencies always look for students who want their dissertations to be written in a marvelous way. But, since students do not trust anyone blindly and also are not ready to compromise with their grades, dissertation writers for hire always keep some samples ready for them to show for free. It’s because they do not share the assignments that they have written for other students as it is the violation of rules.
  • Refer the college assignments written by scholarly articles or seniors: Such samples can be asked either by professors or by the students who are seniors. Professors also keep some elevated class samples with them, so that when new students ask them they give them readily for reference.
  • Online or offline Journals: It is also one of the good practices to watch the dissertation samples in Education. Online journals can be availed on web whereas offline journals can be seen in educational institutions.

Significance of samples for graduates

These are some of the best ways to get eminent class samples. It is necessary to refer these samples so that you can follow a proper format of writing while understanding the guidelines. Apart from all this, it is necessary that students follow the instructor’s guidelines for sure.

10 Interesting Things To Discuss In A Theological Dissertation

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Theology is a subject many students undertake and are interested in. Composing a dissertation on the topic can be hard work, as there are many broad topics to choose from, and many students unwittingly do not narrow down the scope of their topic, leaving them with a lot of bases to cover. Here, we will discuss 10 interesting topics to discuss in your paper that will ensure your success, if done properly.


It is best to ensure that you follow the guidelines of dissertation before you choose a topic to write about. The format of your paper will depend on your university. Every institution has their own rules in terms of the font and font size they want you to use in your writing.

The structure of a dissertation is unique and different to the essays you have written during your time in school and college. The following are the sections you need to partition your writing into:

  • Cover page
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abstract
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

In the references section, you need to include each and every source that you have cited in your paper.


A big mistake many students make when choosing a theology topic to write about, is that they choose a topic based on the perceived difficulty. The reality is that, at dissertation level, there are no easy or difficult topics to write about.

As such, you should choose a topic area of theology that genuinely piques your interest and you are curious about. You should apply this same principle to our list of 10 interesting topics, which is as follows:

  • An analysis of the notion of atheism in the modern day
  • The development of religious belief in India in the 20th century
  • The impact of Christian tradition in the modern day world
  • An overview of the Thai origins of Hinduism and Buddhism
  • History and evolution of Malachi
  • The religious foundations and evolution of Islam
  • Application of ethics and religion in the modern day world
  • Ethical justification of military action through religion
  • The Egyptian beliefs on divinity and nature
  • The components of a church

Again, we highly advise you to do your own research on these topics and see the ones that you would be most interested to research about, before choosing a topic from the list.

If you follow our guidelines to choosing a good topic to write about, along with our writing guidelines, then you will experience much success with your work.

Where To Get Inspired For Dissertation Topics On International Business

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Where to look for the topics?

Finding out top class most inspired dissertation topics on International Business is always been the first priority of all the students. For that they do not leave any area unsearched. If you are among them, look on the following places to get high success rate and score top-notch grades.

Sources of research topics:

  • EBook: Simply dig through the EBooks and soon you will be accessing brilliant topics. Store them on your laptop. You can even find a comprehensive collection of a large number of eminent class manual lists on web too.
  • Pdf: The pdf on the desired topics can be easily found by seeking assistance of college or University libraries. The libraries have hundreds and thousands of dissertation topics listed on their list. Stick to the topic that suits your requirements.
  • Online or offline journals: They can be easily accessible through electronic communication devices. You can find some top class definitions and other significant number of information in periodicals in electronic format.
  • Business Magazines: These are an eminent source of finding a list of top class dissertation topics on International Business. Since such magazines are published on current and hotly debated topics, the research students can find a great deal of information regarding them.
  • College Books: Students can also find a list of topics that are in trend from college books of various institutions. Such books can be even asked through your neighbors if anyone has International Business as their subject.
  • Professor Lectures: The books on International Business subject can be even borrowed from the college professors. They have a good collection written by famous authors. Go through such books and find the best topic that you get loads of relevant information on.
  • Scholarly student’s previous work: You can ask many of your seniors who would have research work related topics.
  • Library: Pay a visit to the library of your institution and request the librarian to show you the previous work of scholarly students. Check out the types of topics chosen and the way of writing.
  • Conclusion: Such sources assist you immaculately in short listing a bunch of desirable and inspiring topics.
  • Apart from that you can also go through a list of topics given below-

    • Evaluation practices implemented by MNE’s to boost Accounting performance
    • How balance is maintained while making the payments.
    • What are the basic issues faced during franchising?
    • What the various kinds of blunders faced during cross cultural training?
    • What does the term “Business Process Outsourcing” mean?
    • How IMF is evaluated by World Bank?
    • How British manufacturing industry makes investment in America?