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A List Of MBA Dissertation Topics For Finance Students

As a finance student working towards an MBA, you are probably already aware of having to write a dissertation before earning your degree. It’s important your MBA dissertation is original, interesting and manageable. If you can’t come up with your own ideas you might find the list of topics helpful:

  1. Discuss the role of micro-finance in the banking industry in the United Kingdom. As the United Kingdom moves towards exiting the European Union, how important is micro-financing in keeping small to mid-size business solvent?
  2. What are the biggest reasons for the rapid development of international micro-finance? What does micro-financing mean for larger firms that have thrived on name recognition and mass production?
  3. Provide a strategic analysis for the large scale demand of collective investment plans in the United States? What role do they have in commerce and trade going heading towards the middle part of the 21st century?
  4. How important is access to finance and credit services to the successful growth of small businesses? Why do these services pull back their lending practices during times of recession when small businesses need them the most?
  5. How important is partnership between the private and public sectors? Should private sectors aim to work closer to public ones as a means of finding additional contracting for procurement services?
  6. Discuss the availability of financial services to people from low socio-economic communities? What kind of risks do these services take on when they invest in small business located in low socio-economic communities?
  7. As an international shipping hub, how important is finance for the ship-building industry in Singapore? Should other countries begin to invest more money into this industry as the country continues to develop and grow?
  8. For investment purposes, what are the standards for determining risk in small to mid-size businesses? Consider the ways these smaller business are usually limited in the resources they have to hire employees, expand, and market competitively.
  9. What are the most important political risks faced by international banks in their cross-border

  10. operations? Could they face stricter governmental sanctions if the primary reason to deal internationally is for profit?
  11. What role does the World Trade Organization (WTO) have in advancing the interests of developed nations and not the underdeveloped nations it claims are a priority? Make the case using two specific countries (one developed and one underdeveloped).