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A List Of Great PhD Thesis Topics In Commerce

You probably don’t need to be reminded that writing a great PhD thesis is a must if you want to achieve the highest credit when earning your doctoral degree. The project itself is a culmination of years’ worth of hard work characterized by sleepless nights hours spent in deep research and a tendency to question why you even got started working towards a PhD in the first place. But now that you are in the final stretch you should set all of these distractions aside and increase the effort-level. Here are some really good PhD thesis topics, brought to you by writers from Assignment Geek :

  1. What effects have social media sites had in the way commerce operates? Do you think businesses have prepared adequately to handle social media marketing and the way consumers make purchases?
  2. What are the most effective forms of new marketing that commerce has specifically adopted? Are traditional ways of marketing (print or television) nearly as effective as they were two decades ago?
  3. What are the newest and most engaging trends in how commerce interacts with society? For instance, are companies effectively involving communities in the decisions it makes regarding trade?
  4. How is the job market affected by technological advancement and how will this play a role in commercial policy? Will this affect the cost of staple goods positively or negatively, and should local governments step in?
  5. Are companies that offer consumer staple goods such as bread, milk, sugar, etc. in trouble because of the global economy? Are certain regions more affected than others and what other factors are there?
  6. Which political decisions in the upcoming U.S. election will have the greatest long-term effect on international commerce? Consider each of the major party’s candidates’ stances on trade with foreign nations?
  7. What is the purpose of international subsidies in commerce as it relates to the current food market? Do you believe subsidies favor one side of the trade more than it does the other or is there equilibrium?
  8. What are the most influential factors in policy change as it relates to commerce? Consider how these factors are different in different countries and how a domestic policy must account for international ones.
  9. In what ways do international government policies affect local commerce? How does technology factor into the way local commerce thrives or struggles as a result of government policies made at the federal level?