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10 Interesting Things To Discuss In A Theological Dissertation

Theology is a subject many students undertake and are interested in. Composing a dissertation on the topic can be hard work, as there are many broad topics to choose from, and many students unwittingly do not narrow down the scope of their topic, leaving them with a lot of bases to cover. Here, we will discuss 10 interesting topics to discuss in your paper that will ensure your success, if done properly.


It is best to ensure that you follow the guidelines of dissertation before you choose a topic to write about. The format of your paper will depend on your university. Every institution has their own rules in terms of the font and font size they want you to use in your writing.

The structure of a dissertation is unique and different to the essays you have written during your time in school and college. The following are the sections you need to partition your writing into:

  • Cover page
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abstract
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

In the references section, you need to include each and every source that you have cited in your paper.


A big mistake many students make when choosing a theology topic to write about, is that they choose a topic based on the perceived difficulty. The reality is that, at dissertation level, there are no easy or difficult topics to write about.

As such, you should choose a topic area of theology that genuinely piques your interest and you are curious about. You should apply this same principle to our list of 10 interesting topics, which is as follows:

  • An analysis of the notion of atheism in the modern day
  • The development of religious belief in India in the 20th century
  • The impact of Christian tradition in the modern day world
  • An overview of the Thai origins of Hinduism and Buddhism
  • History and evolution of Malachi
  • The religious foundations and evolution of Islam
  • Application of ethics and religion in the modern day world
  • Ethical justification of military action through religion
  • The Egyptian beliefs on divinity and nature
  • The components of a church

Again, we highly advise you to do your own research on these topics and see the ones that you would be most interested to research about, before choosing a topic from the list.

If you follow our guidelines to choosing a good topic to write about, along with our writing guidelines, then you will experience much success with your work.